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Land Rover
Pimp Your Landy Or add Off-Road Performance Rims to your ride 

Mach 5 Banana Wheel (Zu Alloy style)

Size - 16inch x 7J off-set

Colours Available:





These are the much loved off-road Performance wheels that have taken the Land Rover world by craze with Mach 5 Steel wheels - UK spec


Fitment for: Defender, Discovery, Range Rover


Terrafirma Dakar Wheels

Size - 16inch x


Land Rover Steel Wheel


Size 16 x 7j

Ksh11,000 each


Colours: Black, Silver, White

Alloy Wheel Land Rover

Imported (UK) in GOOD second hand condition

Size 16inch

5 hole 

Fits: Defender, Discovery, Range Rover


PRICE - 12,000 each

Wolf Rims


Size 16 x6.5J

Genuine Land Rover Wheel Rims (steel)

Ksh12,000 each

Steel Modular Wheel


Size: 16x10J


Price: 15,000 each

Steel Modular Rim





Price: 13,000 each

Land Rover Steel Rim


Size: 17x8J



Price: Ksh17,500 each